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webviewer 10.1.0

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About Filter Dialog author name.

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I want to display the name in the tooltip.

Bucause in japanese, only 4 characters…

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Hello okabe.yasufumi,

We don’t currently have this on our roadmap but, we will add it to the backlog for our product team to review for feasibility and viability.

In the meantime, you can override this with a custom CSS stylesheet, see here https://docs.apryse.com/documentation/web/guides/customizing-styles/#changing-css-properties

.FilterAnnotModal .container .filter-modal .body .filter-options .tab-panel .user-filters.three-column-filter {
  /* this only affects the user tab */
  display: block;

Please let me know how this works for you!

Maggie V.

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Hello maggiev,

Thank you for reply.
It was displayed like this.

We applied your suggestion.

Thank you!

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