Apple App Store validation fails for libPDFNetC.dylib

We are using libPDFNetC.dylib v6.6.1 in a MacOS application. When we validate the app for upload to the App Store it fails with the following error:

Couldn't find platform family in Info.plist CFBundleSupportedPlatforms or Mach-O LC_VERSION_MIN for libPDFNetC.dylib

Is anyone else using this library in an application distributed via App Store?

I believe that the best solution is to insert an LC_VERSION_MIN_MACOSX header in to the library. I do not know what the actual min MacOS version is for this library, but for our application we are targeting 10.11 and above.



Hi Andrew,

Version 6.6.1 was compiled with an old version of Xcode that did not include this entry. The newly released v6.7.1, compiled using Xcode 8, does include a LC_VERSION_MIN entry. You can download the latest version here:

Thanks for letting us know about this, and let us know if you have any trouble with the new version.


Thanks James. New version is passing Apple validation.