Apple Pencil markings don't call annotationAdded delegate

Product: PDFTron Mobile SDK

Product Version: 9.2.3

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Why is the apple pencil behavior different than the other annotations? It doesn’t trigger the annotationAdded delegate method like the other annotations. Is there a way to make it behave like the other annotations or is this the designed behavior?

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Open any doc select on mark up and annotate document. These annotations don’t call the annotationAdded delegate. We can work around it, but it’d be nice if it behaved like the other annotations.

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Hi Jack,

Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding this.

Just so that we are on the same page, can you share a video showing the tool you are referring to?

Best Regards,
Sahil Behl.

Here is a video of us demoing it. You provided a code snippet of how to add a custom stamp. It works great when placing it on the view but when we use the Apple Pencil it is all over the place. Here is a link to the thread where you provided the code.

Hi Jack,

The video attached seems to be for the other thread about stamp being out of place. I have replied to it with a possible fix.

Could you send a video describing this issue about the annotationAdded delegate method not being triggered when using the apple pencil?

Best Regards,
Sahil Behl.

Sorry it was a two part question. It isn’t necessarily the Apple Pencil. It Is the mark up tool generally. We noticed that if you “mark up” a document it doesn’t trigger the annotationsAdded delegate after every stroke like the highlight and smart pen tool do. We also noticed that the freehand ink tool also behaves this way. We assumed this is the expected behavior?

Yes, that’s correct that is expected behaviour. Mark up does not get finished annotating after every stroke unlike the other tools.