Bookmark is not getting saved. How can we save?


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Bookmark is not getting saved when the product is relaunched. It removes previously added bookmark. How can we save ?

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Hi Team

Can anybody reply?

Hi @pawan.verma

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue on my end, Could you provide additional information regarding this issue such as a sample project or sample code?


Hi @Andrew

Thanks for the reply.

Issue Video Link - Bookmark.mp4 - Google Drive

I made a video to reproduce the issue. Hope this will give you more clarification on this issue and please assist me with the proper solution.


Hello Andrew

Have you gone through by uploaded video? If you found the problem so please help me to fix it.


Hello @pawan.verma

It seems that your documents are stored on the server. You will need to export the bookmark JSON string after closing the document and store this value to your servers so that the next time you open the document you can re-import the JSON string.

Bookmarks are handled by the BookmarkManager.importPdfBookmarks and BookmarkManager.exportPdfBookmarks functions:


Hello Ama

I am exporting bookmark using -

val bookmark = BookmarkManager.exportPdfBookmarks(mPdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment.currentPdfViewCtrlFragment.pdfDoc)

This method export bookmark only from PDF documents. And in case of other documents (ppt,word,doc) this mehtod return blank object “{}” only.

How we can get bookmarks from all type of documents.


Hi Pawan,

In order to export the bookmark JSON from non-PDF files, you will need to use exportUserBookmarks and importUserBookmarks

You will need to determine if your current document is a PDF or not since exportUserBookmarks and importUserBookmarks will not work for PDF documents (you will need to continue to use exportPDFBookmarks and importPDFBookmarks respectively)