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is there any property or method I could use to set a value in a Bookmark and have it accessible in the WebViewer DOM when the PDF loads without the user seeing this metadata value? It appears the only thing I can think of is “Bookmark.SetTitle(”“)”, however I dont want to change the title of my bookmarks.

The next thing I thought of was using using

var action = pdftron.PDF.Action.CreateURI(doc, “#Whatever content I want”);

I did the above in a backend process and saved the PDF before viewing in WebViewer.

So that later when I click the Bookmark in the Outline Panel, I should see the error in the Web Browser Console - following that I tried using “window.onerror”, but it does not appear to be working with the WebViewer (the reason I wanted this is to pull the error message from the Web Browser Console and get the metadata string I wanted).

Do you know how to get “window.onerror” to return an error from the Web Console upon clicking a Bookmark in the Outline Panel (because CreateUri was set to “#”)? I am trying to do this in Typescript.

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Hi action.jaxzon,

Using setAction to store a metadata string for outline bookmarks should work as a workaround. But please be aware that clicking on said outline will not do anything, as the metadata string is not a valid URL.

The following code works for me:

const { documentViewer, PDFNet } = instance.Core;
await PDFNet.initialize();

// to add outline after document is loaded
documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', async () => {
  const doc = documentViewer.getDocument();
  const pdfDoc = await doc.getPDFDoc();
  const myitem = await PDFNet.Bookmark.create(pdfDoc, 'My outline item');

  const action = await PDFNet.Action.createURI(pdfDoc, 'My outline metadata');
  await myitem.setAction(action);
  await pdfDoc.addRootBookmark(myitem);

When the newly created outline is clicked on, this is what I’m seeing in the devtool:

Please find below relevant documentation:

Hope this helps!

Maggie V.