Can i get fixed PDF page co-ordinates (Bottom-left point ) irrespective of Pdf page rotation?

Product:PdfTron Android SDK

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I want to convert my old app pdf support lib to PDFTron lib.
But, i am having few issues like ,
In my old app, un-saved custom annotations rendering in pdf w.r.t pdf page co-ordinate( Bottom-left corner point) irrespective to pdf page rotation. I tried to render same annotations using PDFTron but the reference points are different as per PDF rotation. So I would like to know, Is there any way to get pdf page co-ordinate i.e. bottom-left point always in-depending on page rotation?

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Most likely you are looking for the Page.GetDefaultMatrix API.

See this post for more info.

You may also find this forum post useful, which shows how to go back and forth between PDF coordinates and image coordinates (where image origin is always top left corner).