Can I implement custom tools in your PDF viewer?

Q: I have a question if we can do the following using PDFNet SDK

what we need:

look at a PDF form
click on various points

in the end as text output receive text file with PDF !) coordinates of


opens some PDF file
displays it in some sort of viewer
on each click passes control to custom onclick handler where the
of that point are extracted and written into a text file
A: You can use PDFNet SDK to meet your requrements. Assuming that you
are developing in .NET (PDFNet is also available for JAVA, C, C++, and
other languages) the first place to take a look would be PDFView and
PDFViewSimple samples (

PDFView sample shows how to implement a number of custom PDF tools,
whereas PDFViewSimple shows how to use built-in tools. A good place to
take a look is MyPDFView.cs and PDFViewForm.cs'. For text selection
and highlighting you may want to use existing built-in text selection
function and methods such as pdfview.HasSelection(),
pdfview.GetSelection(), pdfview.Select??? etc.