Can I use PDFNet SDK to edit PDF and retain the ability to edit in Adobe Reader.


We are looking for a product that will allow us to update text in a
PDF programmatically. The problem that we've seen is that most
components that merge text data into a PDF will modify the PDF
document so that the PDF document "data" cannot be manually edited and
saved by Adobe Reader . When you try to save a modified PDF document,
the document will display the message: "you can only save a blank

Will PDFNet SDK allow us to modify PDF files programmatically and
retain the ability to modify the PDF document's data in Adobe reader.
Just to clarify. Do you need to preserve editability in Acrobat
Professional or Acrobat Reader?
Adobe Reader does not have content editing features.

Using Adobe Reader you could fill-in forms annotations only if a PDF
document is 'Rights Enabled' (i.e. it is created using Acrobat
Professional). Editing the PDF using _any_ third-party PDF
manipulation software will invalidate the hidden digital signature
that tells Acrobat that the document can be edited. As a result no
third party software on the market will allow you to preserve
editability of 'Rights Enabled' PDF.

Please keep in mind that you could use PDFNet SDK to edit existing PDF
document that could be further be edited in Acrobat or third party PDF
manipulation tools.