Can we extract only modified XFDF from any PDFTron callback?

Product: Demo

Product Version: Latest 9.2.0

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can we extract only modified XFDF from any PDFTron callback ?

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I am loading xfdf form data & annotation data into PDF document. I want to extract the only modified xfdf data when i do any modification ( For example: I have added one string value in input type filed & checked one checkbox ).

I would like to know, is PDFTron providing any method to retain only changed xfdf from the xfdf form data of whole pdf. Please help me with your suggestion.


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Thank you for contacting us about this. Just to get a better understanding of your issue, what platform are you looking to run our SDK on (WebViewer, PDFNet Android, iOS, Windows, etc)?

Hi ,

We are looking for PDFTron Android & iOS SDK.

iOS and Android have specific callbacks that fire when annotations are modified, added, and deleted. You can extract an XFDF of these changes to fit your workflow.

For iOS, see the guide here. For Android, the guide can be found here.