Change custom annotations mounting corner

WebViewer Version: 8.0.0

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When creating a non-resizable custom annotations with a custom images (pin icons), when resizing the document they are resized relatively to the top left corner of the annotation, and I need it to be resized relatively to the bottom center instead.

An example can be see here. Please consider the top left annotation:

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Hi Michael,

Are you setting the property NoZoom = true in your custom annotations? When this property is set, the top left point is fixed. Currently there is no way to change this as the PDF spec doesn’t define a way for other locations of a NoZoom annotation to be fixed.

You have two options if you want a different behaviour.

  • Set your annotations to NoZoom = false, which would keep them fixed but result in your annotations to resize as you zoom in/out.
  • Add a listener to the zoomUpdated event, that loops through your custom annotations and adjusts their X,Y coordinates as the zoom level changes.

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Armando Bollain
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