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I have a nodejs service with your sdk for creating a timestamp signatures. So far everything works great. I have a signature with image. What I need now is to make the signature image a link. Is there a way this to be achieved ? I looked on you examples, but I could not find anything.

PS: My implementation is almost the same as the example PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

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Yes, it is possible to add additional actions to an annotation. You could view the following sample for more info: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation (See PutDict(“AA”))
The following forum post also has some further information: How do I associate additional actions (trigger events) with widgets and other annotations?

Can you please specify what you mean specifically by a link (eg. url, another page in the document)?

Also, Adobe already has a click event that brings up a digital signature dialogue. The exact behaviour can be different in different viewers when opening a PDF and clicking a digital signature annotation. This means the AA action above may or may not work depending on the viewer.

Why is this link behaviour important and how does not having this affect your users?