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We a building an ASP.NET Core web application and we explore the PDFTron to use with it. We need to convert a PDF into XOD format. In the documentation for the .NET Core I found the method Conevert.ToXod(), but I can not find its async version.

Meanwhile, the documentation for the UWP mentions there is a Conevert.ToXodAsync() method.

Why there is no Conevert.ToXodAsync() in the .NET Core version of the library, when there is in the UWP?

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The PDFTron’s UWP SDK uses platform specific APIs that allow us to easily create async calls.

One solution in your case would be to wrap the Convert.ToXod() call into a Task on your side to use it as an async call.

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Hi. That is a poor option, as it has no cancellation support.