Conversion of multiple files to PDF/A

A prospective customer here just wanting an answer to a question if I may…

We’re looking to add additional third party tools to our suite of tools used by our document conversion application. We’re looking for libraries that will convert documents of multiple source formats into PDF/A.

We’re specifically looking to avoid using print drivers as we need to be able to multi-thread the conversion and our customer’s often present us with many millions of documents to convert (often in the 10s of millions).

The PDFTron SDK documentation asterisks some filetypes, marking them as ‘* Using external converter’. Can someone clarify what these external converters are?

As I said we’re looking to avoid the use of a virtual printer or print drivers.

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One of the external converters referred in that link the CAD conversion module, and Office Interop (which does not use the virtual printer, but will require MS Office to be installed on the machine).

Aside from that, any other file type not directly supported with our SDK will require the virtual printer to convert. As stated in the documentation here, the SDK will use the virtual printer only if the component is installed. As such, if you don’t explicitly install and configure it, it will not be used.

Hope this clarifies things for you. Please let me know if you have more questions.

It does clarify things - thanks @shakthi124 for taking the time to answer.