Converting multipage pdf to image and then converting those back to pdf

Can anyone please help in the issue I am facing.
I want to convert a multipage pdf to image and then again back to pdf.
This is because some of the fonts are not supported in some servers .
I had done the above conversion using draw.Export and again combining the images back to pdf.But for large pdfs, it is taking much time than expected.Can anyone suggest an optimized way to do this ?


Depending on the size of the page and the details, rasterizing every page into an image using the PDFDraw class may take time.

Since you are experiencing issues with fonts on different systems, it is possible to use our Optimizer class to embed and subset the fonts into the PDF, so that rasterization will not be required. This process has the immediate advantage of not needing to rasterize the document.

Please see the sample code here on how to use the optimizer class

Here is a forum post on how to use optimizer settings to embed fonts so that they work regardless of where the document is opened:

Thank You Shakthi.
I doubt in the case of using Optimizer class, apart from the Optimizer Settings and Embedding functions, do we need to explicitly specify which all are the fonts ? In some sample codes, I could find the Fonts specified explicitly.