Core.AnnotationManager.deleteAnnotations([],{force:true}) is deleting all the hyperlinks


Product Version: 8.9.0

Please give a brief summary of your issue: When I am calling Core.AnnotationManager.deleteAnnotations(annotationList,{force:true}) it is deleting all the hypelinks in the pdf document unwillingly.
This looks like a bug as we want to delete all the annotations passed in the list, but want hyperlinks to work further.
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Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:
Just put some hyperlinks in the pdf document and call Core.AnnotationManager.deleteAnnotations([],{force:true}) internally. Now links will not be clickable anymore.

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:

Hi jeetendrak49

I tried in our demo JavaScript PDF Viewer Demo also in the webviewer version 8.9
The step I have tied:

  1. Add a to any text on the pdf
  2. call Core.AnnotationManager.deleteAnnotations([],{force:true})
  3. the link is not deleted

I cannot reproduce your issue. Could you give me more information like the sample code and the sample file for me to do the test. And just want to double check if you are using the Webviewer version 8.9?

Hi jeetendrak49
Is there any information you could share with me?

Best Regards