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I am trying to create a custom tool group in the header and disabling the other (View, Annotations, etc).
I want to add some specific tools like freeText, Add an image, etc. But I am facing a problem in the data element field. Is there any proper list of data elements with tool group names that can be helpful?

|Quick Tools|
||Free Text|
||Undo, Redo, Erase|
||Color selection|
||Add Image|
||File Attachment|
||Add Tick/Cross|
||Add Date/Calendar|

need a data-element list with the tool names of the above tools.

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Hi Rikochet007,

Welcome to the PDFTron Community Forum!

The closest we have to a list of data-elements was previously mentioned by the support bot: Hiding/Showing DOM elements in WebViewer UI - List of elements. Unfortunately the list isn’t exactly up-to-date, but we are working on a solution to fix this. The guide also shows how to inspect and read through the DOM to get specific tool names.

As a courtesy here are some of the requested data-element values:

  • Underline - underlineToolGroupButton
  • Highlight - highlightToolGroupButton
  • Free Text - freeTextToolGroupButton
  • Undo - undoButton
  • Redo - redoButton
  • Eraser - eraserToolButton
  • Add Image - stampToolGroupButton
  • File Attachment - fileAttachmentToolGroupButton
  • Add Tick/Cross - countToolGroupButton
  • Date/Calendar - You can use Rubber Stamp tool and create a custom stamp to show date/time - rubberStampToolGroupButton

I may not have provided all tool groups you requested, but follow the above guide to understand how I fetched these names for any other tools you wish to hide/show.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Best regards,
Adam Sinclair
Web Developer