Customizing interactive form filling in PDFViewCtrl.

Q: I've been playing with your PDFNet SDK to see if it could meet our
requirements. It seems to be a very powerful product and ticks a lots
of boxes but we have one situation in that we require a particular
type of functionality that I'm struggling to see if possible in your
suite of products.

The problem I have is that I need a viewer that allows you to edit a
form - like your PDFViewSimple example, but we have a popup window
that allows us to select some data that needs to be automatically
filled into the field I was on in the viewer - I cannot see how I can
work out what field I'm on to achieve this.

Using your PDFView sample I can use the mouse down event to work out
what field I'm on but I don't seem to be able to type text in the form

What I need is the mouse down event bit in the PDFViewSimple example
but cannot see how to do this?
A: Using PDFNet SDK it is possible to customize event handling in
conjunction with interactive form filling in

Are you developing using C#, C++, JAVA? If you are developing
under .NET you could derive a class from PDFViewCtrl and override
OnMouseDown events (similar to C# PDFView sample). In C++ you would
implement custom event handler functions and set then using
pdfviewctr.SetCustomToolEvents(). There is probably a bit more to it
(such as switching between different tool modes), however it would be
good to hear more about your requirements before going into details.