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Need to add comment for the Form field editing just like annotaiton.

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I want to be able to add the comments when a form field is being edited. Currently I see that when i make annotation it adds a comment. Similarly i wanted to do that when users changes a form feilds.
Can you please provide me relevant developer resources where i can make those changes or modify the comment section for the web viewer

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Looks like currently you’re able to add comment for a form field, please check the attached screenshot.


Thanks Wanbo,

Actually, the above post is when we manually put form fields.

My scenario is a little different.
To understand it.

  1. Let’s take a fillable PDF Form.
  2. I apply the annotation (let’s say a textbox) → it added a comment in the comment section.
  3. Now if I try to fill the Fillable PDF which has form fields already on it. I wanna see that form edits in the comment section as well along with the annotation comments.

I hope this can make things more clear.

Thanks and Regards


This is by design actually, as widgets are not “Listable” in the notes panel. However, you can change the Listable = true and then the widgets will actually show in the notes panel. However, as you can see the UI is not really set up for them to show up here (no icon, description). The code sample is as below:

  instance.Core.annotationManager.addEventListener('annotationChanged', (annotations, action) => {
    if (action === 'add') {
        .filter(annotation => annotation instanceof instance.Core.Annotations.WidgetAnnotation)
        .forEach(widget => widget.Listable = true);