Digital Signature functionality

WebViewer Version: 7.3.2

1> Is the Digital Signature feature depicted in the Webviewer demo available out of the box? i.e. the ability to upload a pfx file and approve a signature annotation.
Or, do we need to implement it using the APIs? If we need to implement it, then how can I pass the pfx file, since it seems that the addStdSignatureHandlerFromURL(pkcs12_file, pkcs12_pass) method takes a url as parameter for the digital certificate?

2> I have signature fields in the document. But still, the isSignedDigitally() does not return a promise:
let annotManager = readerControl.docViewer.getAnnotationManager();
const signatureWidgetAnnots = annotManager.getAnnotationsList().filter(
annot => annot instanceof Annotations.SignatureWidgetAnnotation
signatureWidgetAnnots.forEach(annot => {
annot.isSignedDigitally().then(isSigned => {
if (isSigned) {
} else {
// if this signature field is not signed initially


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Hi Romit, thanks for your post.

1> We don’t have out of the box upload ready, that is handled by a separate component on the demo.

Here is an example flow you can use with Salesforce files:

2> It’s hard for me to see what’s going on here, since it could be dependent on the file itself or the field. Could you show me on a call/provide additional information at ?