Do we have a roadmap to support on MAUI?

Product: PDFTron Xamarin.iOS

Product Version: v8.0.0

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Xamarin will be supported up until 12 months after .NET MAUI release as stable. So do you have plan to migrate this package to MAUI?

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Thank you for getting in touch with us about this.
Just for clarification are you currently using Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Forms?

MAUI is intended as a replacement for Xamarin.Forms and not for Xamarin.iOS.
MAUI has also been delayed until next year:

Xamarin.iOS will be included as part of .NET6.
Updating to .NET6 is on our roadmap and is something we are actively working on.

Hi Jamie,

The project is built on Xamarin.Forms and I have installed 2 packages (PDFTron.iOS & PDFTron.iOS.Tools) to to use for iOS platform.

Just for confirmation. What you said above means I will not be affected as MAUI launched, right? Because this package is part of .Net 6?

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Hi Quan,

(For reference I will post the same reply I sent to the ticket you submitted to our support portal)

Ah thank you for the clarification.
The current packages work in .Net 6 so you should be able to use them.
Once MAUI is in a more stable state we will be able to test it and we will provide a MAUI sample once it’s released.

Hi Quan,

Do you have any road map for PDFTron on MAUI. Now MAUI is GA.

Hi Danny,

We don’t currently have a roadmap for the support of MAUI. It is on our radar though and we hope to look into it soon.

is there any update on MAUI and .NET6 / .NET7 support? The current NuGet packages PDFTron.iOS and PDFTron.iOS.Tools cannot be added to MAUI project due to incompatible target framework. This issue is a blocker for our migration from Xamarin to MAUI.

Package console errors:
Package PDFTron.iOS 9.4.2 is not compatible with net7.0-ios16.1 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v7.0) / ios-arm64. Package PDFTron.iOS 9.4.2 supports: xamarinios10 (Xamarin.iOS,Version=v1.0)
Package PDFTron.iOS.Tools 9.4.2 is not compatible with net7.0-ios16.1 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v7.0) / ios-arm64. Package PDFTron.iOS.Tools 9.4.2 supports: xamarinios10 (Xamarin.iOS,Version=v1.0)

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We cannot convert from Xamarin to MAUI. Is there any update? We left PSPDFKit for PDFTron and now we must return back???