Download Multiple Documents Merged with Annotations

WebViewer Version: 8.7.0

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Download Multiple PDFs with merged annotation into a zip package

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Using .net 4.7
We have only the webviewer. Normally any large batch jobs we send to a request processor on another server. Example, we want to package multiple pdfs or file into a zip, we create a request and then pass back the zip file. All operations like this for security must pass through the database.
We are using the PDFTron webviewer by calling our document system’s API for the pdf bits, and then storing the annotations in a db table.
At the end of the process, we will need to give our document team a way to download all pdfs with the annotations in a workflow into a zip file.
Doing a call for multiple pdfs on a single click doesn’t seem practical by instantiating the webviewer with all those documents. Granted only our document team will be doing this. Is there a way to do this with the webviewer code, or do we need another tool you have, or another .NET function that can work?

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Hi Mark,

To conclude the situation, you are looking for a way to download the PDFs all together after sending the their annotations to your DB, is that correct?

I think this is achievable in the front end although probably not very efficient: You would first load PDF document with WebViewer one by one, send the annotations to your server, maybe optionally saving a pdf blob on the side, and when finished with sending you could use a front end zip library such as JSZip to pack and download all PDFs. With WebViewer alone there isn’t really a way to load documents in batch and then save them as a zip.

The situation could be similar with our .Net SDK, however the process is potentially more efficient. If you want to explore a bit more with that route, you can raise a support ticket under a different product here to reach out our .Net SDK experts.