Fields name with dot get returned incorrect

WebViewer Version: 8.6

We have some code that gets a tries to get all the fields names on a pdf and set them to false.
Most field names are returned correctly, however if the field name is C1_AMT01.2 , then anything from the dot onwards gets stripped out.

Any pointers?

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When field names have a dot, it indicates that there is a child field. So in this case, C1_AMT01 is the parent and 2 is the child. I am not sure whether this is intentional in your document or not but perhaps you could check/share the XFDF to see what is going on with the field.

Thanks for the reply.
this is our PDF : . In particular the inventory section.

From your document, I see the fields in both WebViewer and the XFDF. This is done through the FieldManager and I can see it in the list as well as through the children property on the parent field C1_AMT01.

You should be able to get the field and its full name.

Can you please provide the code you are using?