Find field name of DigitalSignatureField

Product: PDFTron.NET.x64

Product Version: 9.4.2

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Hello, I’m sure this is something easy that I am totally overlooking but I can’t seem to find the fieldname for a digital signature field.

I am able to traverse the signature fields on the PDF using DigitalSignatureFieldIterator and I am also able to traverse the fields using FieldIterator. When I iterate thru DigitalSignatureFieldIterator how I can tie it back to it’s Field so that I can grab the Field.GetName()?


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Nevermind I was able to find it.

Here it is in case anyone needs to know:

DigitalSignatureFieldIterator itr2;
for (itr2 = pdf.GetDigitalSignatureFieldIterator(); itr2.HasNext(); itr2.Next())
var current = itr2.Current();
var obj = current.GetSDFObj();
Field field = new Field(obj);
var fieldName = field.GetName(); // <— this gives you the field name of the signature field