Font Embedding Question


Our system which generates the PDF documents using PDFNet runs in a
server environment. As a result, installing fonts in the server system
and client machines would require more configuration.

Can I add / embed fonts in the generated document itself ? I have a
similar case coming up where I need to add barcodes to a PDF.

Can I simply embed the font in the document ?
How will this affect the document size ?

Using PDFNet you can embed TrueType, OpenType, Type1 or CID based
fonts using pdftron.PDF.Font.Create???(methods). When calling these
functions, please make sure that 'embed' flag is set to true. PDFNet
includes built-in font subsetting mechanism so that only relevant
parts of the entire font file will be embedded in the PDF document.
This means that even if you are dealing with very large fonts (such as
'ArialUnicode') the file size of PDF will be kept to the minimum (and
the increase in file size will be proportional to the number of
referenced glyphs in the text of the document).