German translation glitches

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As far as I know, we could fix spelling/translation problems via API/provide JSON files. As these errors are not specific to our implementation, I would like to ask where to report them to?

Markus = Markieren

Markus is a male first name.

Wählen Sie alle = Alle auswählen

Klar = Markierung entfernen


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Hello @roland,

Thanks for your feedback in this regard. If you ever find any inconsistencies or mistakes in our translations don’t hesitate to report these via our support channels such as this forum, or our direct support request page.

We are also always happy to review any pull requests to our open source UI..

German Translations.

I will update these translations; they should be available in our next release which is scheduled for next month.

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I did not know that, that is fantastic, thank you!