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When I am opening document like as “Word, Excel, PPT” i am getting a dialog of Converted Document or I have to click on “Save a copy” then we can change default toolbar (Annotate,Draw…etc.) if I do not click on “Save a copy” so i can’t change default toolbar or getting a toast of “Failed to load document” again and again. This dialog is not appearing on any other platform. How we can ignore this in android?

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Hi @pawan.verma

Thanks for contacting us. To ignore this dialog, you can try enabling skipReadOnly on the ToolManager class.


Thanks, It’s working.

Hi Andrew

How can we set Next or Previous button with page number?

It’s appearing in web, how can we set it in android side ?

@pawan.verma this is not possible out-of-box. Because on mobile, everyone will just scroll with their finger / stylus, it’s hard to imagine people that want to click a button to change pages. Web is different because you can’t swipe on your monitor (usually).

That said, if this is your hard requirement, you’ll need to modify native code to achieve it in our open-source tools library. Is that something you want to do?

Hi Shirley

Thanks for the reply.

I have to once discuss with the product owner if he said it’s mandatory then I need to implement your open source tools library.


@pawan.verma OK, let us know.

The easiest way to implement this I can imagine is create an overlay view on top of the viewer, which include the page number as well as the arrows. Then disable the default page number indicator, and only use your custom one. This will be easiest to do, no pain to upgrade to newer SDK version in the future. Thanks.