Getting empty value in Text Field when it is in edit mode

Product: pdftron android sdk

Product Version: 9.0.1

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i am performing validation on a pdf. while doing so whenever I click on text field and insert some values and keep it in editable mode and then I try to submit the document .the text field is showing empty…is there any way that i can extract values

in the text field while being in the editable mode …i am attaching one image that will give you clear idea

In the image you will find im trying to insert a text in a text field and it is still in editable mode(keyboard is visible).and then i click submit button to perform validation and extract the values…in which i get the empty value in text field

please help, thank you

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Thanks for contacting us. I assume you are doing validation by obtaining the text in the text field and checking valid entries, is that the case?

In this case, while you are still typing in the text field the text has not been committed to the PDF document so you are not able to extract any values from the text field yet. I recommend committing the current text field changes before validating (i.e. tapping the “Submit Form” button should commit the changes before validating).

You can commit the changes, by switching the current tool back to pan by calling the following code:

          ToolManager toolManager = getToolManager();
          toolManager.createTool(ToolMode.PAN, toolManager.getTool());

If you are using the fragment version of the viewer (PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2), you can get an instance of ToolManager by calling PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2.getCurrentPdfViewCtrlFragment().getToolManager()

Could you give this a try and let us know if this will workfor you?

hey ,
thank you for your help.The issue was closed ,i used pdfviewctrl.pause() and pdfviewCrtl.resume()