Getting exception: Bad License key. PDFNet SDK will work in demo mode

Product: PDFTron webviewer

Product Version: 8.10.0

Getting Exception: Bad License key. PDFNet SDK will work in demo mode.

Hi Team,

Currently I am using the PDFTron version 8.1.0 and trying to upgrade it to 8.10.0. we have a new License key for this year and it’s working fine in 8.1.0 version. When I am upgrading to 8.10.0 then I am getting this exception with message Bad License key. PDFNet SDK will work in demo mode. I tried the same with version 8.9.0 it was working fine seems like issue is coming from 8.10.0 version onwords can you please help me on this?

In react js we are using the webviewer as below
path: webviewer path,
licensekey: “my license key”,
config: config,
disabledElements: disabledElements,
enableAnnotations: true,

This code is working fine in 8.1.0 and 8.9.0 but in 8.10.0 facing error Bad License Key


This error typically means one of the following has happened:

a) You are using the license key on the wrong platform. E.g. you are using a Linux key with WebViewer.
b) There is a typo in your string. Often this happens when copying the text from the PDF file that the key was provided in. Please make sure you did not inject/remove any whitespace characters.

Hi Ryan,

But same code same license key was which is new one working fine in 8.1.0 version