Hiding preset for iPhone

Product: PDFTron

Product Version: 9.2.3 (iPhone)

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Overridden GroupToolbar from PTToolGroupToolbar and used it to hide preset in iPad.
Adding the below function and calling its super function causes an issue in the iPhone toolbar as shown in the screenshot.
override func setPresetsViewHidden(_ hidden: Bool, animated: Bool)

Can you check and tell if is it necessary to call the super function of it and it would not impact in future? commenting that line for iPhone works fine.
or do you have any other solution to hide preset for iPhone and iPad both?

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Download the below sample project and add tools and pdfnet framework in the framework folder
GroupToolbar class has code to hide unhide preset.

Issue screen shot:

Code line:

PresetHidden.zip (86.2 KB)


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In your sample code, do you mean to pass true to the super implementation? ie.

super.setPresetsViewHidden(true, animated: animated)

Otherwise, the presets view will always be shown, even for iPhones.

@dluco found the solution, needs to pass true every time for iPhone otherwise preset will come in tools toolbar even for iPhone. btw Thanks :slight_smile: