Highlighting coordinates not working as expected

WebViewer Version: 8.4.1

Hello Team,

I am using pdftron webviewer version: 8.4.1. I have cloned the pdftron library and created custom component similar to side panel and added data from pdf to move the user to specific annotation. On click of mapped element I am moving to specific co-ordinates and highlighting the text. It is working well when we select the annotation from different pages. Although it is not working when we select the different co-ordinates within same page. Please let me know if someone has worked on this type of problem.

here is the link: Untitled: Mar 15, 2023 8:03 PM.webm - Google Drive

Hi singhjaskaran
Thanks for contacting us for support.
Because it is related to you customized code, it’s hard to know what’s going on in the code level. Are you able to share the sample with us to deep dive your issue?


Here is the code that I am using for displaying data in my custom component. I am passing coordinates in setActiveResult() for moving to specific coordinates its working fine. For highlighting coordinates I am passing all coordinates in annotation and and calling annotManager.addAnnotation([annotation]) function.

Its moving to coordinates and highlighting coordinates but if we click on element with same page its not highlighting but on zoom in or zoom out its showing the color . If we switch between pages its working fine.

I want to highlight coordinates as well if we click on element with same page.

MovePanel.js (35.3 KB)

Hi singhjaskaran
I cannot access the file. Could you please share your code in this link? 47887