Highlighting the search value in search pane once results are shown

How to highlight the search value in search pane? search is from a backend search API. Once the results are back the PDF is highlighted but search pane is not getting highlighted with the search data.

A help is highly appreciated.

Hi Sreejatha,

To investigate further could you please provide the following information.

  1. Input file(s)
  2. Generated output file(s)
  3. Code and settings used to generate (2) from (1)
  4. Screenshots showing the output, and clearly indicating what you expected to get instead, and also clearly indicating the application/browser being used to view.

Hi, We were able to resolve that issue but have another question related to quad. Is a document loaded in webviewer using an xod file has the same quad positions as if it were loaded from a PDF file?

We are extracting the text from the PDF using the PDFTron textExtractor, and using the index of that text to find the quad position. Whether this position will match up with the quads of the XOD document that is in the webviewer.

Thank you.

Hi sramakrishnan,

I believe the page coordinates will be the same for XOD files and PDF files.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer