How can get Alt text of images

I am using PDFNet to extract PDF file to detect images data. But now I only can get position and size of images. How can I get alt text of images ?. Thank you

const doc = await PDFNet.PDFDoc.createFromFilePath(pdfPath);

  await doc.initSecurityHandler();

  const doc_fields = await doc.fdfExtract(PDFNet.PDFDoc.ExtractFlag.e_both);

  // Export annotations from FDF to XFDF.
  const xfdf_data = await doc_fields.saveAsXFDFAsString();

  console.log("xfdf_data", xfdf_data);

  // await doc.lock();

  const page = await doc.getPage(1);

  if ( === "0") {
    console.log("Page not found.");
    return 1;

  const reader = await PDFNet.ElementReader.create();
  await reader.beginOnPage(page);
for (

    let element = await;

    element !== null;

    element = await

  ) {

    const type = await element.getType();

    if (





    ) {

      const bbox = await element.getBBox();

      const imageData = await element.getImageData();

      console.log("image", bbox, "imageData:", imageData);



the current result from code above:

image {
  name: 'Rect',
  y2: 690.72,
  x1: 72,
  mp_rect: '0',
  x2: 334.97999999999996,
  y1: 427.68
} imageData: { name: 'Filter', id: '1883eaadff0' }

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This information would be stored in the Logical Structure (e.g. Tagged) PDF.

The main sample you want to see is this one

const structParent = await element.getParentStructElement();
if (await structParent.isValid()) {
  if(await structParent.hasAlt()) {
    const altStr = await structParent.getAlt();

There could also be ActualText