How can i config using ViewerConfig when i use PDFViewCtrl to view PDF in my App?

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I want to customise LongPressDisableQuickMenu, onAnnotationSelection Disable Quick menu.
I don’t want to show quickMenu when particular annotation selected & I want to some action when i do long press in document instead showing quickMenu.
How can i use ViewerConfig if i use PDFViewCtrl to view PDF in my App?

I have used like this,

viewFromResource(R.raw.surfacingmarkup, “sample”)

fun viewFromResource(resourceId: Int, fileName: String) {
val file = Utils.copyResourceToLocal(activity, resourceId, fileName, “.pdf”)
mPdfDoc = PDFDoc(file.absolutePath)
mPdfViewCtrl?.doc = mPdfDoc
mPdfViewCtrl?.pagePresentationMode = PDFViewCtrl.PagePresentationMode.SINGLE
Thanks in Advance.
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The ViewerConfig api can only be used when using the fragment viewer.

If you want to handle the quick menu popup you can add a QuickMenuListener to your ToolManager and implement onShowQuickMenu. This will allow you to control what happens when the quick menu is about to show.

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