How can I custom button icon for each annotations on toolbar?

Product: PDFTron

Product Version: 2.0.3-beta.159

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I need change icon for each tools

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To get a better understanding of your use case, can you please clarify what platform this is for (ie Windows, Linux, Web)? In addition, what version of the SDK are you currently running?

I had problem in android platform and using SDK version 9.0.3-beta04. I can’t change icon for each ToolMode
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 18.17.20


The easiest way to change the icons on the tool modes is to override the Android Vector Drawable for the tool you wish to change. You can do this by adding an SVG, with the same name as the drawable you want to replace, to your projects res/drawable folder.

To see a full list of drawables used for each tool you can download our SDK and open the file Here you will see each enum with its corresponding drawable name.
Copy the drawable name and use it for the new Android Vector Drawable you are adding to your project.

You can download our SDK project here

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