How can I determine whether the generated signature is the same as the previous one

When I create the signature tool via SignatureCreateTool, I click a signature saved above the signature Tool. When I select the same signature again, how can I determine if I clicked the same signature, as shown in the picture below

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This may be a bit difficult as the saved signature and the newly added one will have different IDs and different path points to identify if they are the same. You could go by the number of points but there could be two signatures with the same number of points.

I think you will have to modify the UI to trigger a separate event that reports the index of the selected signature row: webviewer-ui/SignatureStylePopup.js at 48103ccbd872c40794bc456f2cbd80ece1c34cc0 · PDFTron/webviewer-ui · GitHub. You can then track which index gets selected each time.