How can I enable link following in IOS

Product: Xamarin pdftron.iOS / Xamarin pdftron.iOS.Tools

Product Version: 9.2.0

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I want to enable the pdf viewer to follow internal links on iOS within a Xamarin project

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I have a xamarin project with targets iOS and UWP.
On both targets we provide a pdf viewer for our users. The new request by our customersis, that we are enabling link following in our pdf viewers. On windows, we set a tool manager to the viewer and that enabled link following out of the box.

So on Windows UWP it works, but not on iOS.

Windows code

private ToolManager _toolManager;
_toolManager = new ToolManager(_pdfViewCtrl);

Under iOS we set approx the same

_toolManager = new PTToolManager(pdfView);
_toolManager.LinkFollowingEnabled = true;
_toolManager.ShouldHandleLinkAnnotation = new ShouldHandleLinkAnnotation(((manager, annotation, info, number) => true));

The links are existing, when I loop through the annotations, but every link will be evaluated with link.isValid() = false, don’t know why. When I open the pdf in the Macs integrated preview app or Adobe PDF reader, the internal links are working and jumping correctly.

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Hi @dominik.liehr,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this.

Are you able to reproduce this on any of our sample apps?

Are you able to share with us a sample document containing these links?

Hi @Jamie_Dassoulas ,
We have successfully spotted the code differences between your sample app and our app, thanks for sharing! Link following is now enabled!

Hi @dominik.liehr,

Great, we’re glad to hear it!
Please let us know if you have any other questions or run into any further issues and we will do our best to help.