How can I force a tab to open NOT in reflow mode

Product: Android PdfTron

Product Version: com.pdftron:pdftron:9.1.0

If I open a file for the first time, it will show up in NOT reflow mode.
If I set it to reflow mode, and then close the tab, and then open the same file, it will come up already in reflow mode because the tab setting gets saved.

How can I force it to start in NOT reflow mode?
Alternatively, how can I clear the saved tab setting?

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Hi @martin1

Reflow mode is saved in a SharedPreferences, so it will persist even when you close and re-open the tab. We will need to add an option for you to disable saving this between sessions. Could you let us know if this item is blocking you, or any timelines you may have?


This is not immediately blocking a release. I have a workaround, which is to force it back into non-reflow mode after the document is loaded. Not efficient but seems to work.
But adding this feature within the next couple of releases would be nice.

Thanks for confirming that it is not a blocking issue. We will look to include this in our future releases.