How do I change LineWidth for text to simulate bold style?

Q: How do I change LineWidth for text?

For elements of type element.GetType() == Element.Type.e_text
To Increase the LineWidth as:

gs.SetLineWidth(gs.GetLineWidth() * 5);

it is not making my text any thicker.
A: GetLineWidth() is not used to set text width. It is used to set
thickness of
a path element (such as line).
You may want to use gs.SetHorizontalScale() or element.SetTextMatrix()

If you want to increase the line width for stroked text you can still
use gs.SetLineWidth() however you should also change
GState.TextRenderingMode for text to e_stroke_text or
e_fill_stroke_text. In this case you may also need to adjust the
stroke color space (gs.SetStrokeColorSpace()) and stroke colorant

Please keep in mind that increasing stroke width is not a best way to
bold text. It is usually better to embed a separate version of the
font used to bold font (e.g. Arial comes in several versions: bold,
italic, etc).