How do I convert between Winding and Even-Odd path fill?

Q: The graphics language that I need to convert to only supports Even
rule fills. Do you know of way to convert Winding fills to Even Odd

I could perhaps tessellate the path and then decompose the resulting
polygons into simple polygons but that could explode the number of

Any thoughts on this that you have would be appreciated.
A: For simple paths (paths which are not self-intersecting or are not
compound) the output from both even-odd and winding fill rule will be
the same. You may want to isolate these (relatively rare) cases and
treat them differently. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the
algorithm to convert between even-odd and winding fill rule - I guess
in the in the worst case you could render the path as an image mask.

A quck search on the Net revals that there are some algorithms, some
of which may be pattented:

"Method for converting non-zero winding to even-odd fill polygons"