How do I create a PDF font from 'System.Drawing.Font' or LOGFONT?

Q: We're in the late stages of development of our PDF product using
the PDFNet tool. The .Net libraries have proved robust and saved
countless hours of our development time so far. Our current hurdle is
in integrating windows fonts into our PDF documents using your
library. We can do this successfully using the filename of the font
manually yet have no way of integrating this functionality with the
windows/.Net font system. I would appreciate any pointers you have on
how to allow the use of a natural .Net font dialog with pdftron as
seamlessly as possible.
A: In 'PDFNet for .NET' there is a utility method called
Font.CreateTrueTypeFont() that can create a PDF font from

For example:

System.Drawing.Font sys_font = new System.Drawing.Font("Comic Sans
MS", 12);
Font sys_font = Font.CreateTrueTypeFont(doc, sys_font, true, true);

In PDFNet for C/C++ there is a similar method
'Font::CreateTrueTypeFont2' that can create PDF font from Windows
LOGFONT structure.