How do I get/set values on radio and check button interactive forms?

Q: I want to find out how to set values on interactive forms.

My question is how to set a value for Radio Buttons.

I understand I have to set a flag first.

Can you please explain: how do I go between modes e_toggle_to_off and

Basically point to me a sample code - I didn't find any on the sample
library on how to set the value for a radio button.

This is how close I got.

On Checkbox: If type = Field.Type.e_check Then field.SetValue("Yes")

On Radio Button: If type = Field.Type.e_radio Then ?
A: You should use field.SetValue(true) and field.GetValueAsBool() to
set and get the values of a radio or check fields. Using
field.SetValue("Yes") will not always work (i.e. if the corresponding
appearance does not work).