How do I install PDFNet SDK for Linux?

Q: I've spent more than one hour on searching, both on your site and
inside package, instructions concerning how to install PDFNet SDK for

Is there any chance to have few informations about this procedure?
A: You would first unpack PDFNet SDK archive (
downloads/PDFNetC.tar.gz) in any directory. Assuming that you are
Linux developer, you probably know how to perform this step.

Besides this there is really no additional 'installation' required.

To build all C/C++ samples, simply open a terminal window and ‘cd’
into PDFNet/Samples directory. Then type ‘sh’. This will
build all C/C++ samples. To run all C/C++ samples, type ‘sh’.

To build and execute all JAVA samples, type the following command-line
from the Samples folder: ‘sh’

For an example of PDFNet integration, feel free to take a look at one
of provided sample makefiles. All of this is standard GCC and makefile