How do I reduce the resolution of PDF images?


referring to jbig2test example that comes with version 3.6 I'd like to
know if it is possible to enable the jbig2 compression and reduce the
resolution in one step setting the appropriate eoncder_hints:

                        _JBIG2_hint = Obj.CreateArray();



Anyhow I'd like to know, if it is possible to reduce the resolution.

There is no option to resample and recompress the image in a single
step. Still using PDFNet you can implement this functionality using
the following steps:

extract the image data, resample the image, and then embed it using
new compression method (and optionally replace the old image).

You can find more information on this topic if you search PDFNet
Knowledge Base using the following keywords:

"How to replace raster images"
"PDF optimization"