How do I resolve an error that occurs during pdfdoc.Save()?

Q: While evaluating the PDFNet demo, the component works great on my
development computer (Vista/ASP.NET Development Server). However,
when I move my demo application to our test server (Win2K3/IIS6), the
application initially generated the following as described here:

However, after configuring the site to run with admin rights, I am
still getting the following error:

Exception: Message: An error occurred while trying to save the file.
The file might be locked, corrupt, or unavailable. Detailed error:
Unable to open the file Conditional expression: false Filename :
SDFDocImplSave.cpp Function : trn::SDF::DocImpl::Save Linenumber :
A: This error indicates that either:

- The file name is bad
- The folder/path is bad or does not exist
- Your application does not have permission to write to the given

Please let me know if this helps.

Your suggestion was correct - the path I was trying to write to just
didn't exist.