How do I resolve error in your system configuration ... No reg. write rights

Q: I have recently downloaded your product PDFNet, I got the zip file named I am running Windows 7 and I am trying to utilize your library with in a set of WCF services that run on IIS. The Services need to run on IIS because I use the services in the Silverlight application. I get this error:

The evaluation version encountered an error in your system configuration.
Please contact customer support at: support at No reg. write rights

A: The error means that your application does not have sufficient permission to write to the Windows Registry. The demo version of the PDFNet library requires read/write access to the Registry. Because your application runs on IIS, you will need to allow the Application Pool’s identity to have Registry access. You can see which identity you are using by going to the IIS Manager, select the Server, then go to Application Pools.

For relevant discussion please see:

Q: Ok, that got me a bit farther, but now when I am trying to convert a PDFDoc to a byte array in the code below I get this error.

Can you provide any assistance with this?

A: The problem is that PDFNet is not initialized with PDFNet.Initiailze().
For a working sample project please see SilverDoxStreaming sample.

You can optionally change your application pool’s identity to a user account (as opposed to system accounts). Provided that the user account has read/write access to the registry, the trial version of PDFNet will work under this identity in IIS. You can use a user account with your application pool by doing the following:

  1. Go to IIS Manager, select the web server, and then to Application Pools.
  2. Click on the application pool you are using from the list, then on the Actions panel, under Edit Application Pool, click Advanced Settings…
  3. In the Advanced Settings dialog, go to the Process Model section and click on the Identity to change it.
  4. Once the Application Pool Identity dialog shows up, select Custom account:, then click Set…
  5. Enter the user account information in the Set Credentials dialog box. Note: you may have to specify the domain of the user (i.e. MyServerDomain\MyUserAccount).
  6. Click OK until all dialog boxes are closed.

Keep in mind that this is not an ideal solution for production environments as your application is now more privileged. Should you wish to use PDFNet on a production application, we suggest obtaining a license to remove demo limitations.

Thanks for your help. Pointing me to permissions was enough for me to get somewhere. My development machine is Windows 7/IIS 7, and trust levels were set to full. However, adjusting the Process Model/Load User Profile option to true in the IIS application pool advanced settings seems to be setting me straight.

Does the licensed version also require registry access?
This is a roblem because giving access rights is not usually desired.

No, the production version does not need registry access.