How to add signature certificate appearance with custom co ordinates

I want to add signature appearance with a custom co-ordinates and custom width , height.
How can i do that?

This is my code.

const widgetAnnot = await PDFNet.SignatureWidget.createWithDigitalSignatureField(doc, new PDFNet.Rect(0, 50, 100, 1200), certification_sig_field);
await page1.annotPushBack(widgetAnnot);
const img = await PDFNet.Image.createFromFile(doc, in_appearance_image_path);
await widgetAnnot.createSignatureAppearance(img);

But how can i set the exact co-ordinates like stamper.setPosition(100, 203, false) this?

I am confused with new PDFNet.Rect(0, 50, 100, 1200) When we change any of the co-ordiante it will changes the position.

If i want add appearance image to top left corner of a page how can i do that?

Please respond as soon as possible.


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add appearance image to top left corner of a page how can i do that?

The Stamper class is idea for this, as regardless of the page specifics, Stamper will calculate the top left corner, and place your annotation there.

So what you can do is use Stamper to add an annotation, and get that annotation. See this post.

Then call

Rect annot_rect = stamp_annot.GetRect();

Then you can use annot_rect to create your signature widget.