How to convert coordinates between highlights and selection?

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I want to create a selection from a highlight quads, how to convert these coordinates?

I got a workaround for the issue I described earlier and now could obtain quads from highlights and carry it around in my application. I want to show selection on page related to some highlight quads, how should I convert highlight quad points to selection quad points? Documentation contains some very generic discussion of coordinates, but fails to mention which SDK object uses which coordinates.

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I want to create a selection from a highlight quads, how to convert these coordinates?

Please check the PDFViewWPFTest.WholeDocumentSearchControl.xaml.cs file, in particular the StartSearch function, where you can see how to pass Highlight objects from TextSearch to PDFViewWPF and update the view to jump to the location.

This file is in our SDK samples which you can download from our website (nuget package does not include samples).

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Sample that you pointed to is the same one that doesn’t work properly, as I mentioned in my first question, so your reference is useless. Instead of using highlights I am storing quads and use it in other part of code to produce selections. So my question was how to transform highlights coordinates to selection coordinates.

All this doesn’t matter now because pdftron library didn’t make a cut. Here is why:

  1. Quality of APIs design is pretty low. It seems your company is milking the same codebase for all platforms and APIs look quite dated. It is especially true for WPF, there is no support for separation of UI related code from data processing logic, so it will take major effort to make it mvvm compatible.
  2. Documentation and customer support quality is not acceptable. Most API descriptions are auto-generated from code comments. Few general articles that I checked are quite primitive and are missing important details.

With all this it seems that pdftron.SDK will require too much fiddling to make it usable.