How to Custom annotation tools with customized actions?

Product:PDFTron iOS SDK

Product Version:9.0.1

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How to Custom annotation tools with customised actions?

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In my project we have a specific requirement of having customised tool. On tap it should add markers/location pins to the pdf at specific location.On tap of markers i should get the call back.How to implement this? Can we achieve this using PTStampImage annotation.

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We have a guide on creating a custom tool here:

The tools PTImageStampCreate and PTRubberStampCreate may also be useful to look at. The source code for each is included in the .dmg download, in /Lib/Tools/src/PDFViewCtrlTools/Tools/PTImageStampCreate.m and /Lib/Tools/src/PDFViewCtrlTools/Tools/PTRubberStampCreate.m respectively.

To detect when a user has tapped (selected) an annotation, you can listen to didSelectAnnotation.

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