How to detect sign here button rendering complete in webviewer using JS

I have a few signature fields and except the first one, other fields are made readonly. For these readonly signature fields, i want to change the text “Sign Here” to “To Be signed by another user”.

The problem I am facing is I cannot detect wheather the “sign here” is rendered or not. Tried several event listeners like “pageComplete” or “finishedRendering” but all of them are trigerred before the button is rendered.

Is there a better way to rename the “Sign Here” button text dynamically for specific fields?

Hi Zihad,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Webviewer.

You would be able to create your own “sign here” element by replacing the prototype method “createSignHereElement”.

You can check the guide at Apryse Documentation | Documentation and let us know if this resolve your issue, thank you.


does createSignHereElement method supports different naming for Signature Fields through out the document?
for example, I have two sign fields in the document and need to rename the button name as folows:

  1. Button 1 : Sign Here
  2. Button 2: To Be Signed By Another User (With a different button appearance)

Hi Zihad,

Yes, you can use the user permission in the function and conditionally return what you need.

Please also check the API doc: PDFTron WebViewer Class: SignatureWidgetAnnotation