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I would like to hide ‘Document Slider’ appears on the ‘Document Viewer’

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Open any document in ‘Document viewer’ which has more than 1 pages, ‘Document Slider’ appears on the right of the screen, We would like to hide that.

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Hi there,

If you are using the fragment viewer, the slider can be disabled in ViewerConfig, which can be configured following this guide:

You can disable the document slider using the showDocumentSlider API from ViewerConfig.


Please let us know if the solution works best for you!

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Hi @dchan . We have tried adding ‘ViewerConfig.showDocumentSlider(false)’, even though the slider was still visible. Kindly share if any alternative.
ex: .showDocumentSlider(false)


I was able to successfully hide the document slider using ViewerConfig.showDocumentSlider(false) in our samples. For an example, please refer to this screenshot:

Could you provide me a sample project with your ViewerConfig configuration that demonstrates the use of the showDocumentSlider API so we can take a closer look?

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